A Word from Josh

I believe we are about to face “the perfect storm.” There are three critical storm systems that I believe are converging to create a youth crisis of massive proportions. Today’s kids, in evangelical homes and churches, are confronting: (1) an intellectual storm—a crisis of moral and spiritual truth because they do not know why they believe what they believe; (2) a moral storm—a crisis of morality because they are not equipped or prepared to resist the onslaught of the immoral digital age; and (3) a relational storm—a crisis in relational connections because they are not understanding spiritual and moral truth within the context of relationships.

We as the church have encountered various crises of young people over the decades, but what I see taking place eclipses anything I have seen in my lifetime. I believe if we do not face these three converging storms now beginning with the intellectual storm, it will soon be the greatest youth crisis of the 21st century!


Josh McDowell