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The Perfect Storm…of Epic Proportions

 Intellectual Storm

The Internet has leveled the playing field intellectually. Through the Internet, militant atheists have exploded onto the scene. An entire culture has immediate, unfettered access to our children. Today’s kids are growing up with an alarming intellectual skepticism that threatens the future of the Church.

 Moral Storm

The digital age is shaping the morality of today’s culture. Two decades ago, we could largely control the information our children consumed during their early years. No more. Incredibly, recent studies show that 67 percent of young men and 49 percent of young women consider viewing pornography acceptable behavior.

 Relational Storm

Relationships can’t compete with iPhone, iPad, iTunes, texting, tweeting, emailing, and the Internet. But recent research shows that even in the digital age, parents are the primary influence and role model for children, even after those children leave home!